is inspired by the son of TshirtManiacs founder. Levi Goff was born on July 1, 2007. 13 days later he
went into shock as a result of his intestine twisting. All but 3 cm of his small intestine died as well as 10% of the large
intestine. In a life saving surgery, all the dead intestine were removed and Levi as a placed on IV feedings while he waited on
a organ transplant. For the next 8 months Levi struggled to stay healthy while waiting on a transplant. He was constantly
fighting systemic infections as a result of his illness. He spent many more days hospitalized than at home. For 8 months,
Levi's condition deteriorated. He had good days, but most were not so good. He was slowly going into liver failure as a result
of his medications, IV feedings, and lack of intestine. On March 7, 2008 Levi received his gift of life. He received a small
bowel, liver, and pancreas transplant. While it has been more than two years since his transplant, Levi still has daily
struggles. His life has improved significantly since his transplant and continues to improve with each passing day. While he
may never be 100% "normal," he doesn't seem to mind. His life has inspired and touched so many. He has opened the eyes
of many people who have grown to know and love him. He is a perfect example of what hope, faith, prayer, and love can
overcome. We have talked with so many people who have been through similar struggles, people who have loved ones like
Levi who are fighting for life. We have come to understand the transplant system and its need for donors.

I decided to make my wife and Levi a couple transplant t-shirts shortly after his transplant. I went ahead and placed these for
public sale on TshirtManiacs. The response was positive. I began shifting my time from making "regular" TshirtManiacs"
designs to transplant themed designs. By Christmas 2008, transplant t-shirts accounted for more than half of monthly sales.
That is when I began to thinks about opening a site dedicated to transplant t-shirts. For the next 4 months I tripled the amount
of transplant designs. In mid-April, 2009 I began the work of constructing a new website for transplant t-shirts, the site you
are on today. On June 1, 2009, became fully operational and began selling these new designs.

We are happy to be able to offer t-shirts that will, hopefully, inspire others to become organ and tissue donors. We are
overjoyed to be able to offer designs that people can wear to proudly show that they are transplant recipients or donors.
Please check back with us frequently to see new designs. Most of all, please spread the word about organ and tissue
donation. You could be the one who saves a life just like Levi's.

If you would like to know more about Levi and his story, go to

Thank you and May God Bless You,
Robin S. Goff

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